In light of the terrible events at the Grenfell Tower, we wanted to flag up to parents our own fire safety arrangements which are designed to keep every child safe in school.

The recent tragedy has thrown a fresh light in the media on fire safety practice in all areas:

Since September we have reviewed all of our practices – not that there was any problem with them – but simply to ensure that everything is shipshape.

We work closely with the Local Authority on our practices and make sure that any changes to processes or the buildings are checked out by the Fire Risk Assessor.

We stage regular checks of our alarms, fire extinguishers, call points and fire doors and stage at least termly fire drills.

We have also worked with Lichfield Fire Bridge who have twice dropped and been happy with the site and arrangements.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We put a big emphasis on achievement but our first priority is to keep every child safe and fire safety is a big part of that. We have systematic checks in place to maintain standards and have a Fire Risk Assessment for site planned in for the Autumn Term. There is never room for complacency on an issue like this.”