Kier Construction is one of the UK’s leading property, construction and services groups which invests in, builds, maintains and renews the places where work, live and play. They operate across a range of sectors including defence, education, housing, industries, power, transport and utilities – but closer to our home they are building the new police station next door to our school site.

Working with Keir Construction, we took a group of students interested in design, architecture, engineering and construction to the site development to learn about the processes, challenges and career opportunities in this dynamic sector.

The field visit included specialist talks, a tour of the construction site, a Q&A session, and a Kier-led workshop back in school where teams came up with their own construction designs.

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “This visit was just part of our extensive Raising Aspirations programme and it was fantastic to be able to engage with a forward-thinking and community-minded group like Kier Construction. The field visit was a real eye-opener and certainly inspired the students to realise the direct links between their learning and grades at school and the jobs and their prospects in the wider world.”

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