Eighteen Friary students were selected to represent the Cannock and District in the County with the Year 7 & 8 event held in Tamworth and the Year 9 & 10 event staged in Stafford.

The students who represented the district for Year 9 & 10 were Josh Nyambayo, Panashe Makokowe, James Mackenzie, Connor Mills, Sam Grainger, Hannah Fowler and Freya Gregory.

Elsewhere, district call-ups for Year 7 & 8 were given to Callum Gair, Seb Nash, Harry O’Donnell, Jensen Peake, Kyle Curtis, Lauren Riley, Erin Staite, Aiobh Murray, Millie Curran-Manning, Morgan Carter and Hope Kendall.

Looking ahead, four of these students from the younger cohort – Jensen Peake, Kyle Curtis, Morgan Carter and Hope Kendall – will go on to represent Staffordshire in an inter-county competition against Shropshire.

Oli Forster, Assistant Headteacher said: “We have a tradition of strong athletics stars in the school and this combined with the high-quality teaching has produced great results in the past. These recent successes certainly ranks alongside those and the students called up deserve tall the plaudits.”