The BBC News website has reported that the new GCSE grading system (9-1) is now causing some confusion at university levels.

This is largely stemming from the recent announcement by Justine Greening, Minister for Education, that a ‘4’ was a “standard” pass and a ‘5’ was a “strong” pass.

It has emerged that some universities are still asking for a C in English and Maths – despite the fact that this grade no longer exists.

On the other hand, some universities have now moved forward to say that a ‘5’ is needed to get onto their courses. Conversely, others have said that a ‘4’ is the minimum requirement for entry.

Our advice would be to go for a ‘5’. Things keep changing all the time but initial indications were that a ‘4’ would be good enough for Summer 2017 but a ‘5’ would be needed in Summer 2018. If a student gets at least a ‘5’ then they remove all doubt.

Even so, the top universities will stiill be judging applications on the overall grade levels so the higher you go, the higher ranked your university.

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