The Year 10 BTEC Sports exam results have been coming into school over recent weeks and they have only shown that the vast majority of students have really grafted on their revision and have gone on to hit or exceed their target grads.

The new BTEC courses are equable to GCSEs and have a tough new exam element that has made them much more challenging. Even so, the Y10s have already knocked out the exam element and are now focusing solely on the coursework and practical assignments.

Additionally, the BTECs assist students in managing all their courses as they can get their BTECs out of the way before the final exams and have one less exam to slog through amidst the glut that come at the end of Year 11.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “The BTECs are hugely valued by employers and universities and offer a pathway more akin to the world of work – a mixture of high pressure sessions (exams), the development of practical expertise, and the slog and perseverance needed to see projects through to their completion. The PE Department have done an excellent job at rolling this course out and overall the students have well and truly delivered.”