Barack Obama once said: “Money is not the only answer, but it makes a difference” and though we all agree it cannot guarantee happiness, it is a big part of life and the sooner we teach our children to handle it responsibly the better.

There have been various articles in the press recently which have looked at how we can teach children to handle money sensibly – one example comes from ‘The Independent’ this weekend:

The article suggests that secondary-age children should be able to budget their money, be able to set aside an amount each month so to help them to appreciate the value of things, and be able to apply these budgeting skills to household items such as mobile phone credit and energy usage.

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We bring in external advisors to support students as they plan for university but we also look to develop skills in enterprise and financial capability through our whole-school PHSEE programme. The lessons learnt at home are equally valuable so any parental support in this field would be hugely welcome.”