Parents who regularly read our website and Twitter feed will be already aware that we regularly flag up the challenges of funding and recruitment but at this time we wanted to give you an update on teacher appointments for September.

These issues are hot topics in the lives of every child in the UK but it is likely they will be off the front page for a while as the politics at Westminster take centre stage:

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We are almost fully staffed for September which is a great achievement in the current climate. The heavy pressures on school budgets has seen staffing changes but we are pulling it together well and in a good position for the new school year.

Our new curriculum now better meets government requirements, puts a greater emphasis on English, Maths and Science, and also adds in vocational routes which give students a different and more work-centred approach to learning. Even so, with the Department for Education making changes to courses all of the time, we are keeping an eye on things and are ready to be flexible wherever we can.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We have established strong links with local universities and teaching schools and have worked hard to match out staffing to the demands of the new curriculum. This has not been an easy process but the governing body have set a careful plan in place and the existing staff have been hugely supportive in a difficult climate.”