The pursuit of the best possible exam results is a relentless one and as well as hard work and determination, it is important that we as a school – both students and staff – add a little bit of creativity and imagination to get over the line.

Y11 student Leah Jenkins showed these qualities to the maximum by performing a superb choreographed routine involving flames being swung on specialist equipment in order to meet her Sport qualification requirements.

Leah practises the skills outside of school and is experienced in the art, but as you would expect we still had all Health & Safety checks and support in place throughout. Naturally, Leah’s confidence was not misplaced – she performed brilliantly and everything went off without a single hitch.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “Leah’s request was a first for me but the PE Department could apply it to the course criteria and once we checked out the safety arrangements it was the only choice to make. Leah is already on track to pass her course to a high standard and this performance has only made it more secure.”