Our Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is hugely popular and we have Y11-12 students due to undertake their Silver expedition in late June once the exams are done and dusted.

Even so, it was 39 (!) Y10 students who took centre stage by successfully negotiating their Silver Assessment weekend trek through 5-7

On Friday the groups assembled at Rowsley where they were met by their assessors who briefed them about the expectations and the 20 conditions they need to adhere to. The weather was good whilst the groups navigated their way to Over Haddon whilst focusing on their aims and gather evidence that they could use for their presentations after the expedition. They then navigated their way to Haddon Grove Farm where they camped for the evening. The weather turned cold and windy but each pupil took it in their stride and kept themselves warm and showed off some excellent camp craft skills as well as team skills.

On Saturday they had an earlier morning starting out by 9am. This was a long and tough day as they navigated from Haddon Grove Farm to Hartington and then onto Barracks Farm where they camped. It stayed overcast throughout the day but they were lucky enough to have no rain. They continued to gather evidence for their presentations and met the assessors to the times they had calculated. All groups navigated well and started to arrive at camp from 5pm with the last group arriving just before 5:30. They impressed the assessors with their team work, navigation skills and camp craft.

On Sunday they were all very keen to get started. They had to leave camp by 8am and the first group had already ‘down tents’ by 7am quickly followed by the other groups. They had a bright and sunny day ahead of them. They navigated their way from Barracks Farm through to Alstonefields and ended at Ilam. They continued to work hard as a team and spent time focusing on their expedition aim.

They had a fantastic weekend with minimal injuries though there were a few sore feet and shoulders!

The pupils are now working on their presentations in school and we hope to have a presentation evening around the 13th June 2017.

The DofE team and staff here at The Friary are extremely proud of the groups achievements.

A special thanks goes to Angela Brough, Judith Williamson, Steve Peace, Sarah Massey, Kerry Dye, Sian Lake, Jamie Checkland, Andrew Brough and Jason Cain who helped make the weekend a success.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “The whole DofE team add so much to the school and it has been wonderful to receive the thanks from students and parents for the work that has gone in. The students have done so well to complete this tough aspect of the respected award and we are looking forward to successful completion alter in the year.”