Alongside us moving back to The Friary’s traditional House system, we are retaining the Sixth Form Senior Student roles as we benefit from so many superb role models amongst our most senior students.

The students had to apply and undergo a rigorous interview to be allocated a role and it is fair to say that the standard was exceptionally high.

Even so, decisions had to be made and the following appointments were made:

Head Boy – Jack Askew

Head Girl – Olivia Weir

Deputy Head Boy / Anti-Bullying Ambassador – Jack Robinson

Deputy Head Girl / Anti-Bullying Ambassador – Rebecca Cundill

Charities Co-Ordinators – Millie Hopcott, Jenny Deakin, Beth Goddard & Kiean Bernard

Senior Librarian – Elisha Mottershead

Events Coordinators – Ellie Wayne, Laura Baker, Georgia Quinn & Macy Painter

Chairs of the School Council – Skylah Eames, Alex Gunn & Ellie Upton- Loach

Senior House Leads – Anna Roberts, Natalia Edwards, Maizie Danks, Emily Yates, Molly Roche Allen, Georgia Hill, David Price & Megan Dudley

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “The student leaders are getting more and more opportunities to take ownership of school developments and with the House system, the extended charity and community work, and the peer mentoring developments there has never been a better time to take on a role. The interview process was tough but only reminded us of the exceptional young people we have at our school.”