Last week we celebrated National Pet Month (1st April – 1st May) and, though we caught the tail end of national events, it was still a very rewarding week.

National Pet Month promotes responsible pet ownership, but also flags up the family, health, social and fun benefits of having a pet in your life.

Staff brought in pets to meet the student – with the award for dedication going to Mr Forster’s ‘borrowed’ dog of Manny who was in all day every day – and we also have a visit by the Retired Greyhound charity lined up for next week. There were also special assemblies, tutor time activities and dog-walking opportunities for students.

Mr Forster, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Amidst a lot of fun, there were serious messages about responsibility, personal health and family life and the week was certainly very popular. It was interesting how calming the dogs were around the school and it was a great chance for students and teachers to compare notes about their pets.”

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