The IQ

One of the main reasons why our Sixth Form results are so strong is that we are relentless in tracking students’ progress and making sure we help them to get back on track if they veer slightly off course; this could be the student not settling into the Sixth Form routine, or the student needing A*s to access Oxbridge.

The IQ Process

The IQ is a tracking process whereby students are judged by their teachers on their academic progress and effort levels.

Each half-term subject teachers meet to review grades and progress and to place each individual student on the IQ chart in relation to how they are performing:

This information is then collated and reviewed by the Sixth Form team and is then taken forward – either to say ‘all systems go’ or ‘stop -let’s work out a way to improve’.

Naturally, the individual student is central to this process and fully involved in the discussions around interventions because not only is this about improving their performance, but it is also about preparing them for post-school life when this level of support will likely have to be self-generated.


Subsequently, the IQ Informs our interventions and these come in many different forms including:

  • Booster classes
  • Supervised private study
  • Folder checks
  • Teacher / student meetings
  • Mentoring
  • Careers interview
  • Parent meetings

There is no criticism or complaint with these interventions – they are simply there to help and prevent a small problem snowballing into something bigger and more problematic.

This personalised approach is reflected in our recruitment strategy as we do not operate as a Sixth Form that focuses on growing numbers and ‘bums on seats’, but rather we seek to maintain a smaller setting where 1-to-1 support and real knowledge of individuals is achievable.

For more information about the IQ and student interventions, please contact Helen Barratt, Assistant Headteacher, via