The COVID Testing roll-out continues to be a moveable feast with the government directives changing regularly – mass testing, partial testing, screening testing, safe / unsafe, and so on.

The current situation looks like there will be voluntary screening tests when students return and regular testing for staff. Even then, when and what the final scheme will be is uncertain

We are delighted to say we have over 100 volunteers to help us with the testing – an incredible number which is testimony to the fantastic community that surrounds our school. However, we are very conscious that we cannot offer a precise time / date for any volunteer at this stage.

We are currently planning for the screening tests on return and will match the availability of the volunteers up to that programme. If we do not call a volunteer it will only be because we have others who will do every day, or full days / large blocks, and they are easier to schedule than perhaps someone offering a particular morning.

We will contact volunteers about training and guidance over the next fortnight and emphasise that what will likely be a two-week window for screening tests will roll out from whenever the students return.

We will be sending out consent forms to parents over the next week or so, as well as firmer details on how the precise arrangements will work for those children involved.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We have a lot to be thankful for: the huge number of testing volunteers and the overwhelmingly number of parents who have let us crack on with making arrangements whilst trusting that we will pass on all the details as soon as we have them. We are taking a careful and measured approach as the national guidance has moved from pillar to post and we have no wish to rush to one plan only to find that government policy changes and we have to start again. This is still likely to be an important part of the eventual re-opening of schools and we will not be caught short in rolling it out when the time comes.”