The significant improvements to the school site have attracted huge amounts of praise from students, staff and parents and this Easter break is seeing the latest improvements rolling out.

The new Sixth Form Centre, new Student Support facility, redecorated classrooms, new Learning Hub, spruced up main lobbies, modernised main school reception, etc, have all been well-received but the latest area to get a make-over is the school library.

The school library now has extended opening hours till 4.30pm and the facilities are being improved with the number of computers being doubled, the room extended and re-decoration updating the general environment.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “The current financial climate is not at all good so, as well as putting the facilities in place to improve student results, we are also facing tough decisions elsewhere. The school library offers a greater wrap-around care (8.30-4.30), links into our new Saturday School provision, and extends independent research skills and facilities. The drive to boost our environment is a high priority for our Student Council and one that is shared by the school governors. There is only more to come.”