Fay Gilbert, Student & Host Family Liaison Manager for Educatius UK, has given glowing feedback of the experience of our international students placed at The Friary.

Tobias Faber and Giovanni De Lieto have been with us this year and have been a welcome addition to school life.

The feedback commented that both students are enjoying their time at our school tremendously, find our students warm and friendly, the teachers incredibly helpful and they were secure in the knowledge that if they need extra support they can be sure it is available.

Carrie Cain, Assistant Headteacher, said: “The Educatius UK scheme is a wonderful programme that puts The Friary School into an international context but also opens up the eyes of our students so that they can appreciate that there are opportunities for them across the world. By meeting students from other nations, our students can appreciate that they have a place in a global context as well.”