The Police & Crime Commissioner for Staffordshire has issued a stark warning to all parents in the recent publication which is headed by: “Who Is Your Child Really Talking To Online?”

Research by the Commissioner’s Officer found over a third of Staffordshire households with children have inadequate online security to keep children safe.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We teach our students on how to keep safe on social media but it would be misguided to think this is a silver bullet. When an inappropriate message or photo become a problem, it is usually flagged to us first and the parents express astonishment that their child has been involved. It is often a case of ‘I never thought this would happen to us’. This is why we post regularly, include guidance on our website, and keep E-Safety as a high profile. It does happen, at some point it will happen to your child, and every parent needs to be up-to-speed on this one.”

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