Following our consultation process regarding proposed changes to the school day, the Governing Body have voted to make the changes which will come into effect from September 2017.

The changes will see the school day run to the following schedule:

Proposed School Day
Time Session
8.45-9.10 AM Registration & Tutor Time
9.10-10.10 Lesson 1
10.10-11.10 Lesson 2
11.10-11.30 Break
11.30-12.30 Lesson 3
12.30-1.05 Lunch
1.05-2.05 Lesson 4 (PM Registration)
2.05-3.05 Lesson 5
3.05-4.30pm Enrichment

The Enrichment sessions will include a range of clubs and full library facilities but will be optional – except for students directed to attend when they are behind on their studies.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “Having ran the consultation through, the large majority of parental feedback supported the change and this, alongside the rationale for the alterations, made it a straight-forward decision or the Governing Body.”