We are continuing to push the importance to parents of making sure you do all you can to protect your children when they are online.

E-safety is a massive issue for children growing up nowadays and too many parents are not up-to-speed with all the risks out there in the rapidly changing world of social media.

We have our E-Safety events in school, we have our E-Safety Mark, we have our E-Safety page on this website but we still want to do more and so we are sharing another good website link which – though Americanised – has some practical hints to protect your child.

It is well worth visiting https://thebestvpn.com/protect-kids-online/ to look at how you can make sure home computers, tablets and mobile phones can be kept secure and safe.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We deal with a wide range of social media issues but there is one common feature – a parent expressing surprise and horror that their child is involved in something inappropriate online. Parents seem to think this is one of those things that won’t happen to their child – unfortunately it most likely will. Indeed, we have on occasions had to speak to parents who do not behave responsibly online. Until all of us take this 100% seriously everyday our children / students are at risk so it is important that we as a school keep pushing this message.”

For more information about E-Safety suppport, please contact Steve Neale, Deputy Safeguarding Lead, via the office.