The exams / revision slog is already well under way at The Friary and our Year 10 BTEC Sport students are prepping for their exam which is just on the horizon.

Recent lessons have seen regular reviews of the content but the inspiration of a bar-room game has provided the stimulus for a competitive revision strategy that sees teams put their skills and their wits against one another.

Ping Pong sees teams bounce their table tennis balls down the table and if they land in a cup them a question is taken from it and read to the team. If you get the ball in the cup and the question right then you win a point.

Oli Forster, Assistant Headteacher, said: “We are always looking for creative and fun ways to make sure our student retain then subject knowledge in their heads and it is great to see the PE Department devising ingenious ways to do just this.”

Elsewhere, the Educake Science and MathsWatch online revision programmes have proved very popular with students and can be done on laptops, tablets and mobiles.