Pam Nyambayo, James Wilson and Jack Askew won the Lichfield School Speaking Competition against excellent teams from Erasmus Darwin, John Taylor and King Edwards.

The debate centred around whether individuals should be charged if they are taken to hospital via an ambulance due to drunkenness.

The pressure was really on with an impressive audience made up of the Mayor of Lichfield, our Local MP Michael Fabricant, and a long list of further dignitaries and all-important parents.

The competition was staged in real House of Commons-style with lots of yea-ing, nay-ing and hear-hearing but with meticulously prepared arguments and no small amount of talent the Friary team won out.

Equally, the work of Mrs Fordham, the School Librarian, on supporting the preparation has been nothing short of outstanding.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “When I got the message that the team had won my response was simply ‘Wow’ (x5). This was an incredible performance and proves to everyone that hard work, careful preparation and believing in yourself can win every battle. I know each of the schools performed superbly so congratulations to them too – but I am bursting with pride in respect to Pam, James and Jack.”