The ‘Battle of the Bands’ is an annual show organised by The Friary’s music department. For years, the event has hosted an assortment of rock, pop and indie bands formed by students, giving them the chance to show off their stuff. Usually, those involved can perform original songs and covers from any era. However, this year The Friary challenged its students to only perform music from the 1960s.

Around two hundred audience members sat back as the ‘Battle of the Bands’ commenced. Kicking off the show was The Friary’s staff band, made up of Mr Cain, Mr Hood, Mr Daniels and Gez from the IT department. Following them were the Black Dollar Bills, Ready Steady Go Girls (dressed in wonderful outfits) and plenty more solo artists. Nicky, Amelia and Molly finished the first act, performing two songs that included a beautiful acoustic rendition of ‘House of the Rising Sun’.

The second act proved just how talented The Friary’s students are, with a Year Seven duo and Grace McCue’s powerful cover of ‘At Last’. Even past students of The Friary, the Tom Lyle Band, returned once more to take part. Once they established how to turn the keyboard on, the audience loved their sixties mash up.

The Friary’s special guests, ‘Hey Beatles’, finished off the show. Mr Hood (in a Beatles wig) played among the fantastic band as they performed hits such as ‘Love Me Do’ and ‘Ticket to Ride’. It was as if Paul McCartney was in the room. The audience joined in for the closing song, ‘Hey Jude’, as the performers flooded onto the stage for the last time.

‘Hey Beatles’ announced the winners to be Amelia, Nicky and Molly; these talented girls have now won the show two years in a row. Finally, special thanks to Mr Hood, who organised 2017’s ‘Battle of the Bands’. It was an excellent show and will be followed by many more.

By Aimee Rigby (Y10)