As part of the Raising Aspirations Programme, the Friary School held Employability Workshops for all Year 10 students on Thursday 2nd February.

The workshop was delivered by Rick Hill, a local entrepreneur, and involved practising making positive first impressions and identifying transferrable skills. There were a number of other volunteers from the business sector who contributed their ideas from a diverse range of experience in the workplace.

The day was a roaring success, the Year 10 students were received all the plaudits, and the feedback from the volunteers has been extremely positive. Rick Hill commented that: “The buzz from the students and volunteers was almost tangible and I certainly got the impression that everyone was ‘up’ for next week’s interviews.”

The students fully embraced this opportunity and work maturely and enthusiastically with the volunteers. We look forward to seeing how they use what they have learned today in their mock interviews on Thursday 9th February.