IMG_2866The School Council’s campaign to work with the school in improving our environment saw hit squads blitzing the chewing gum that damages the school environment, as well as the wider world around us.

The School Council’s recent tasks of fund-raising for our refurbishments and the recent tree-planting were easy jobs compared to this one but the impact has been marked.

It is worth noting that in the run up to London’s 2012 Olympics the Mayor of London sanctioned over £500,000 of spending to remove over 300,000 patches of old gum from the streets of the capital. The damage to the environment is massive: it is the second most common form of litter after cigarette butts and because it is made from polymers, it is not biodegradable. It is known to kill wildlife and is even found built up as toxins in fish.

The message to all fellow students is respect the school, respect the environment, and DO NOT CHEW GUM IN SCHOOL!