We are hearing more and more about a recruitment crisis in teaching and, though the government may argue that there are more people training than ever, the experience on the ground is that vacancies are hard to fill.

Some subjects are harder than others. Maths and Science are perhaps the toughest, and though The Friary is getting by – certainly compared to many other schools – this week saw the senior team consider opening the leftover Xmas champagne to celebrate appointing three new Maths teachers for September. This was exceptional, and we know we have done well to do it.

The issue of money in education always comes up but there is certainly a lack of recruits into the teaching profession. Equally, with larger academy chains / Teaching Schools hoovering up the trainees for their own academies it leaves those on the outside fighting over ever reducing crumbs. Likewise, better-funded parts of the country can offer extra inducements to teachers that less well-off areas – like Staffordshire – cannot (and the figures on the fairer funding do not suggest a turnaround is coming any time soon).

So… what can parents do to help… well:

1. They can talk up Lichfield and Lichfield schools. Make them attractive places to work and make them a destination of choice for new teachers.

2. They can impress upon their children that a good teacher is worth holding onto, valuing and making the most of. Teachers can get new jobs in a flash but if they have every child on track, attentive and keen to learn then they are less likely to look elsewhere.

3. They can support school finances by contacting their local MP to demand better funding for Staffordshire schools and by donating money and giving support to the growing PTA.

The Friary School does not get it right every time, but it does most of the time. We are offering more extra-curricular clubs than ever before, Saturday school is on its way, Holiday Schools too. The vast majority of staff going over and beyond in giving up their time. Our students and your children are getting a good and an improving deal.

Your support can make sure that the Friary survives and thrives in a tough climate. We welcome you backing us up.

If you want to find out more about teacher recruitment then the following website articles my help: