Having successfully negotiated the Staffordshire rounds, Lewis Pass and Tegan Clarkson produced an amazing performance to finish third at the North-West Science & Technology Challenge Day Finals at the University of Manchester.

Lewis and Tegan knocked aside 100s of schools and academies to come in the top three having had to respond to a series of STEM-related challenges throughout the competition including Lego Mind-Storm Robots.

The 3rd place trophies were presented by the Mayor of Manchester and this performance puts them amongst the elite in a huge field.

Alison Morris, Y8-Y9 Achievement Co-Ordinator, said: “This sheer size of the field in this competition makes the achievement all the more extraordinary and with STEM representing a major field in the British economy is wonderful to see the grounding at our school is producing results in a huge field. Both students were a credit to the school and their families”.

STEM Winners