BBC News have recently reported that there remains a lot of confusion over the new GCSE grading system and though we have publicised the changes at school events, assemblies, in lessons and on displays, we are keen to ensure students and parents are clear on what is happening.


The new grading system sees a move from A*-G to 9-1 with a ‘5’ being the new ‘C’ and the chart with this article shows how the new grades compare with the old.

The new grades gradually phase in, with the current Y11s only  having them with GCSE English and Maths, but with the Y10s it rolls out more fully. The vocational grades of Distinction* (A*). Distinction (A), Merit (B), and Pass (C) remain the same.

Oli Forster, Assistant Headteacher, said: “The new grades are a new challenge for us all and it will be very much a case of students, parents and employers having to get to grips with them. For teachers the issue is less what they are but more what they mean – there is not the same level of guidance on what constitutes a ‘5’ as there was a ‘C’. All of our teachers are eating up every bit of information on it that they can so rest assured that we are on it. If any parents have any concerns then I am happy to field any queries”