Last week saw Diversity Week at The Friary with a celebration of our differences and a series of thought-provoking activities related to our ‘Thought for the Week’ of “It is never too late to give up your prejudices” by Henry David Thoreau.

Students designed their own leaves which included a write-up of their views on what diversity means and why it is important. These leaves were collected in and have gone on to form a ‘Diversitree’ where all the ideas have come together.

Additionally, other students designed wordles which combined keywords relating to the theme and conveyed messages about the relevance and importance of our theme in the world we live in today.

These activities were completed by tutor time activities and assemblies.

Ian Rose, Deputy Headteacher, said: “It is vital for our students to recognise that they live in a world of many differences and, that by appreciating these differences, they can better understand their place and flourish. These activities have been fun, engaging and have gone us all something to think about.”

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