social-media-bannerThis Christmas will see many Friary students get new phones, tablets, laptops, and parents will be hearing edited highlights about their contacts on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

This term has seen E-Safety and Child Sexual Exploitation work at the school to try and teach our students how to take care and be responsible on-line.

Dr Barnardo’s recent warnings about online grooming have again flagged up the dangers on-line and with their recent survey revealing that a third of young people said they felt it was easier to show their real personality on-line than face-to-face there are real risks of children revealing too much to strangers on-line.

This danger is compounded by the fact that the survey revealed that many parents have no knowledge – or very little – about what their children get up to on-line.

We would urge parents to talk to their children about their on-line activity, making themselves aware of the risks by visiting the CEOP website, and making sure that their children are as safe when sitting in the lounge on their iPad as they are when they come home late from a Christmas party.

For more information about the Barnardo’s Report visit: