officeStudents and staff at The Friary are able to get their hands on the latest Microsoft Office apps – for free!

Having worked with Microsoft for many years, taking advantage of their free-to-schools commercial email solution and enrolling in their academic Office site license, we are pleased that they are offering all users up to five installations each of Office 2016. This can be installed on a home PC or Mac.

To take advantage of this, staff and students simply need to log in to their school provided email account via the link and follow the link. For students, the login is the format (where username is their school network user account, e.g. 12AA), accompanied by their school network password.

Mobile apps of Word, Excel etc are also available for your iPads and other tablets.

Mark Smith, Network Manager, said: “This is a fantastic offering from Microsoft, and could potentially save people hundreds of pounds. If you’re buying a new laptop for Christmas, don’t buy Office from Currys, get it for free – at least while you’re a student or employee here!”