Our Headteacher’s wallet was lightened this week as the bellies of some high performing Y11s got bigger after he had to pay up on a bet over a BTEC Sport exam.

Our Learning Hub has students focusing on key courses to get their target grades for Post-16 placements and the wager saw them bet a small McDonald’s meal if they got a Level 1 Pass and an opportunity to go large if they got a Level 2 Pass (so GCSE Grade C+).

Unfortunately for Mr Allman, all of the students performed amazingly well – hitting the highest grades – and today they received their McDonalds meals in honour of the bet.

The students are now working to get their coursework done and were all quick to praise the excellent support they have received from Ms Fallows.

Mr Allman, Headteacher, said: “This has been an experience for me – going large in my day meant a slightly bigger burger and chips, but now it seems to involve millions of nuggets and Oreo Flurries. The cost of this bet means my family Xmas meal has been cancelled so if anyone has a free turkey dinner going on the 25th there are four of us and a dog.”