As part of our campaign to push up attendance to outstanding levels, 30 students who had shown the biggest improvement over the course of this term won the highly prized opportunity to participate in a celebratory breakfast with our Deputy Headteacher.

 ‘Breakfast with Mr Rose’ saw the improving students meet together and have hot drinks and food to acknowledge the positive steps they are making in coming to school every day.
All the evidence shows that poorly attending students fail to get the grades they are capable of so this event works alongside parental meetings, Attendance Clinics, rewards and a poster campaign to maintain momentum on getting into school.

Mr Rose, Deputy Headteacher said: “We can deliver great lessons, we can provide great activities, but if the students are not here then they achieve nothing. Being in school is the only way to achieve your academic best and we will do all we can to ensure every child is in school every day.” attendancematters