The elections have rivalled the Bush v Clinton… Cameron v Farage… Ed Balls v Greg Rutherford… but we now have the elected reps who are going to make a big difference to life at The Friary this year.

The Year and School Council reps for each year group are:

Year 7:

School – Elliot Fox (7H) & Freya Taylor (7S)

Year – Caitlyn Wright / Lucas Wilshaw (7A), Emily Turner / Owen Stothert (7E), Sophie Hogg (7H), Dayton Bland / Imogen Fernihough (7O), Ethan Hill-Breese / Tammy Williams (7P), Chris Bennett (7S), Artie Jamieson / Stephanie Tovey (7W), Megan Jones / Isaac Gartshore (7Y)

Year 8:

School – Grace McCue (8E) & Callum Gair (8O)

Year – Georgia Morris / Jacob Llewellyn-Allsopp (8A), Harry Phillips (8E), Bethan Housley / Lucas Clements (8H), Lily Morgan (8O), Lauren Pates /  Connor Forbes (8P), Ellen Khan / Harry O’Donnell (8S), Dylan Wynne / Matthew Wright (8W), Layla Boden / Erin Fry (8Y)

Year 9:

School – Panashe Makokowe (9A) & Ellie Barnett (9H)

Year – Hollie Clachan (9A), Sam Ford / Connor Payne (9E), Warwick Smith (9H), Holly Rice / Joshua Allen (9O), Adam Lesson / Lydia Hudson (9P), James McKenzie / Harriet Turner (9W), Jack Hulme / Nell Luffman (9Y)

Year 10:

School – Annie Russen (10P) & Carla Joint (10Y)

Year – Tegan Clarkson / Katie Hayward / Beth Rigby (10A), Isabella Acton / Niall Preston / Harriet Rumsey (10E), Kyle Broadhurst / Matthew King (10H), Oliver Barnard / Dillon Morehead (10O), Callum Babel (10P), Noah Rhodes / Shona Slowley (10W) / Daniel Sutton (10Y)

Year 11:

School – David Morris-Samuels (11E) & Emma Stonehouse (11H)

Year – Chelsea Parker / Brennan Downes (11A), Amelia Earle / Lucy Budding (11E), Manolis Robert (11H), Gracie Carter-Jones (11O), Jodie-Mae Willets (11P), Isobel Duignan (11S), Megan Gardner (11W), Sam Loccok / Taryn Hogan (11Y)


Congratulations to all elected reps – now let’s go make a difference to life at our school.